Scarlet Aura in the press


Full interview for the ORKUS! magazine

1. Hot’n’Heavy is a memorably title. What came first, the idea for the album title or the song?

Mihai: The name came first! I wanted to describe Scarlet Aura as it is today: Hot and Heavy!

2. Initially the release of Hot’n’Heavy was planned with a different label. Why did you decide to release it on your own Label instead? Have you considered to start your own Record Label before or did this idea develop while working on the new album?

Aura: I was not happy with the collaboration we had with the initial record label so the only way in which we could do things as we wanted was to make our own record label. I`m happy we took this decision as we had lots of frustrations from the past regarding a good distribution or promotion of our materials. So now we were pissed off, we had the reason, we had the method and we said: let`s do it! Having our own Record Label and production company now – Silver City Records, together with our management partner Tatyana Shubina from the Finish company Outlanders Productions, makes us more responsible and able to help young bands at their beginnings to release their material without extra costs or hidden politics.

3. Hot’n’Heavy is the first part of a trilogy, that will be accompanied by a fantasy book. The first one being “The Book of Scarlet Vol. I – Ignition” . How did you come up with this unique idea? Did you develop the whole concept for the book and the album before writing the individual parts or did they influence and inspire each other during the writing process?

Aura: The album and the first volume are already released and it was one of my dream coming true! I write since I was a kid but never had the urge to make it public, except my lyrics, of course. So… at a glass of wine I had this idea talking with Mihai, to write the story of Scarlet, our character. It seemed to me that fans need a deeper introduction into our world and explanation of our messages, of course, in a fantasy matter. I first wrote the lyrics then the book and the story just flew through my fingers… Can`t wait to start writing the second volume as the second album is already work in process. Of course, the main story was done in my head and while talking to the band, but the inside details and story came along the way.

4. Has Aura Danciulescu published any other books that are not connected to Scarlet Aura?

Rene: Aura is a very talented writer, she has more works written in Romanian, but she never wanted to publish anything, as for years, she and Mihai are concentrating only on the band and managing the band. The trilogy “The Book Of Scarlet” is written in English and it is the first to be published, started with the first volume – Ignition. I really wish and we all encourage her that once Scarlet Aura is on a steady path and doesn`t require her full attention, that she`ll publish more of her works.

Sorin: It`s the same with Mihai who is a great producer and who works for our materials in a such professional matter that he needs to rise from the Eastern Europe`s producers’ industry. But it`s all a matter of time and we are now on an ascending path and we put all our efforts on making Scarlet Aura known worldwide so that I believe once we have a well known schedule for the next 2 years that can permit him work with many other bands and share his talent. He would sustain and help Eastern European bands sound like crazy and not being always obliged to work with the same known producers.

5. Please say a few words about the protagonist on the Cover artwork of the album. Is this the kind of character that one would want to meet?

Mihai: I saw Scarlet like he is on the cover and also being influenced by Aura`s story. He is a born by the sacrifice of a Phoenix bird, an angel and a devil to bring balance back on Earth. He`s neither good, neither bad as he meets all his maker`s ups and downs but his intention is to be a bringer of peace.

Aura: right, and so, after he brings peace, through the story in my book and the songs we have, he leaves on the sky a scarlet aura that reminds everyone that he`s there, watching and protecting.

6. The visual style of the cover is similar to a lot of classic metal cover artwork and your music manages to bring some of the best metal sounds of the past decades to the present. Where do you find inspiration for your compositions?

Mihai: I`ll answer to this as the songs are written by me. I think that growing up with my favourite bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween and so on, I have this style in my blood. I only needed to find the right artistic way to get it out there. So I`m not looking for inspiration as I have them as part of me and it`s normal for me to speak the same music language. I only write what I feel and love.

7. You´ve already released videos to Hot`n`Heavy, Fallin` to pieces and Hail To You!. Do you enjoy shooting videos, is it fun or can it be more of a chore? Which video was the most challenging project?

Aura: I`m a girl, lead vocal and also manager for the band and I say it with my hand on my heart that everything we do is because we have fun. It became a business too but the fun is always there too! So we`re lucky! I think about all the videos, direct them and most of them are even edited by me, I love the process and sometimes I think that doing this, I get the real US out. None of the videos were challenging but Hot`n`Heavy is more special to me because we have my sister as ballerina playing in it, another dream coming true!

8. Hate is Evanescent, Violence is Forever is accompanied by a Lyrics-Video and seems to be a bit of a warning but not without hope. What inspired the song?

Mihai: It`s like whatever we do, it seems that we never get through this savage urge to hate or to be violent. The song and the video with the help from Aura cause she made it with a professional team, was to get over this mist that always seems easier and try to catch the real essence of humanity and that is to live in peace and love

9. The last track To New Horizons is a collaboration with two other bands. How did you get involved in the “Balkan Stars Project”? Is there anything unique to the Romanian Metal Scene that you didn´t experience in other countries?

Aura:To New Horizons is a song written by our Bulgarian brothers from Krossfire that we sing with, alongside with our brothers from Serbia – Alogia. Our manager from Bulgaria – Emil Lazarov had this dream of bringing these 3 bands together into a project that is named “The Balkan Stars Project” as we are from the Balkan zone. We did it, we hosted this first song on our album and we`ll have other songs together in the future, and who knows, maybe an album with all of them.

Mihai: working with these two bands was amazing, we had so much fun recording it and playing it together in festivals, we support the project from the bottom of our hearts and hope for future collaborations

Sorin: We are opened to try everything so I really don`t think it`s something we didn`t try!

Rene: showing and proving your worth is the most difficult thing to do, especially when you`re in a female fronted heavy metal band. But we raised all flags and defeated any preconceived ideas.

10. You´ve played 26 concerts in China. Why do you think is your music so popular with Chinese fans? What was the experience like for you?

Sorin: We have amazing fans all over Europe but in China they were insane and beautifully fanatic. We played in so many towns and venues but every night was a blast, ended with a full house, gifts, flowers for Aura and a lot of sold merchandise.

Mihai: They already knew our songs, they were happy to see us and sing with us and we also think that having Aura on the stage was a huge plus for them as they don`t see and listen every day such a good voice played by a cute blonde metalgirl.

Aura: It was a rollercoaster, we had a show every day, met thousands of people and travelled for more than 10000 km… That was a lot to digest but it was the experience of my life, a changing heart adventure that opened my eyes and realised that our efforts do pay off as long as the fans are happy!

Rene: I was in India one year before so for me was more like a familiar atmosphere so I tried to be a support for my brothers and sister as this was a hard tour from which we went out winners, with the love of so many beautiful people.

11. Which one of the new songs do you enjoy playing live most and why?

Aura: Fallin` to pieces… I get really emotional and … it just goes out of me so strong and honest.

Mihai: I love playing Hot`n`Heavy, it`s a really bouncing and balanced song and I love seeing our fans jump, enjoying our music.

Sorin: for me “Let`s go fucking wild” is the best! Can`t express in words how much fun I have playing it!

Rene: I love when the intro is played :))))))) because the songs I adore and enjoy every one!

12. What is more difficult to pack and transport the equipment and instruments or the wings?

Mihai: hahahhaha this is a really good question as for the gear is always like this, we have cases and suitcases but for the wings, we all have to pay attention like with our own eyes because Aura is watching all the time and God forbid to have one feather down :))))

13. Do you listen to your own music or do you have enough exposure to it while composing, recording, rehearsing and performing it?

Mihai: we listen to our music also when we have a drink or a barbeque because we are always checking, learning, studying what we love most, what we don’t so we can do differently next time and it also helps to not repeat ourselves in future compositions.

Aura: we are listening to our songs, as we spend so much time together, and then we go to other bands that we love but always come back again to ours :)))). At the end we say we had enough of our songs but then we start again :))))