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2 May 2019

Aura Danciulescu from Scarlet Aura joins Wacken Radio as the first international host

Aura Danciulescu, the Romanian lead singer and lyric writer of the Heavy Metal band Scarlet Aura joins Wacken Radio as the host from April 2019. She will produce the first English show in the history of Wacken Radio. Aura`s show is to be named “Go Wild” and she can be followed on air starting with May. For more info, follow Wacken Radio Facebook page.

"I was invited to give an interview on Scarlet Aura in the S.T.U.N.T.S. metal show, for Wacken Radio, held by TinU and SlayerOfMadness. We connected immediately and the invitation to join them as host came naturally and I couldn’t be more honored and happy to say Yes! And soon I discovered that Wacken Radio supports radio hosts applicants that can join the family by applying and going through some tests and if they pass, they can be also part of Wacken Radio! I passed the tests too so here I am! I’ll be joining this Thursday as co-host for the second time the S.T.U.N.T.S. show and soon I’ll be starting my own show, full of metal surprises, in my own characteristic way. Of course, my show is gonna be named “Go Wild!” as this this is our never-ending saying in our band. Join me, join Wacken Radio and Go Wild! ”

TinU adds: "Slayer and I were simply overwhelmed by Aura's own personal aura – so we seized the opportunity – to win her as a presenter for Wacken Radio to get English moderated Show on our Stream."

Aura Danciulescu has always been passionate about music and writing, and after numerous music projects and her first rock band Steelborn it all eventually led to creation in 2014 of Scarlet Aura – the exotic rising metal star of the East that got in the attention of the worldwide promoters and public.

Combination of charismatic singer with one of the most interesting metal voices/husky vocals, hard riffs and heavy balance with a seductive, unique stage performances, sparkling angel appearance and bold music sets the band apart on metal scene.

This is not the first connection with Wacken organization for Scarlet Aura: the band has been supported by Wacken Foundation in 2018.

On 22nd of March 2019 the band has released their 4th studio album with the title “Hot’n’Heavy”. The album is written and produced by Scarlet Aura’ guitar player and producer – Mihai Danciulescu. “Hot’n’Heavy” is a concept album, and comes as the first in the trilogy titled “The Book of Scarlet”, which introduces listeners to the world of Scarlet Aura and explains with every song about the band and what it stands for.

The trilogy is accompanied by 3 fantasy books written by Aura, the first volume called “Ignition”, which has the song lyrics (also written by Aura) from “Hot’n’Heavy” weaved in the story.

You can see Scarlet Aura live at the following dates and more to be announced so stay close:

09.08.2019 – Chelopech (BG) – Wolf Fest – co-headliner with Cradle of Filth
16.08.2019 – Ceahlau, Neamt (RO) – Water Fest
30.08.2019 – Vama Veche (RO) – Rock’n Sat
21.09.2019 – Blagoevgrad (BG) – The Brava Fest

INdieGoGo canpaign

18 January 2019

Scarlet Aura is setup to start their own Record Label and officially release the newest album - Hot`n`Heavy!

To help finance the album and the record label "Silver City Records" they have launched a crowdfunding campaign, where you can pre-order the upcoming products and other perks on the link bellow.

Here you have the band`s statement: "All we do, we do for the public! Our music, the stories, the books, the videos, our social media exposure. And because of that we also want to make sure that the public has the best musical experience and that’s why we decided to make our own record label. We will directly make sure that the albums are distributed in their countries, in their towns, or digitally in a correct and responsible way. For that we have decided to utilize an innovative technology – a blockchain platform – that will ensure secure, fast and transparent distribution of music and also artists revenues. We love the music and we are 100% dedicated to our heavy metal life and we had to understand that if we love the music, we have to accept the industry and now by doing this step we’re not only accepting it, we’re being part of it, we’re making it. What we want to accomplish by that is the perfect understanding of the music business so we can do it properly and legit. And as we’ll gather this experience, we’ll support young bands in releasing albums, properly invest in a production, PR or marketing campaign and distribution and give the best services we all like to receive to touch our goals, having always the public in the first place. To do all that, we need your support! Join us and let`s write history together!"

Support us:

Book of Scarlet coverHot'n'Heavy artwork

5 December 2018

Scarlet Aura announces Book and Album release event in Bucharest in December 2018

After returning from their 26-dates headlining “Hot’n’Heavy Album Release Tour” in China, Scarlet Aura will host special Book and Album release event on 19th December 2018 in Bucharest at Libmag!

Scarlet Aura, the most famous female fronted Heavy Metal band in Romania, is launching the new album "Hot`n`Heavy" and the first volume in the fantasy trilogy "The Book of Scarlet"! Vol. I – Ignition, is written in English by Aura Danciulescu, the voice of the band and integrates in the fantasy story the lyrics of the "Hot`n`Heavy" album. The launching event will take place on December 19th in Bucharest at the Libmag Library on the I.C.Bratianu Blvd. 6 and will be completed by an autograph session.


Aura explains: “I really wanted to invite a big audience in the Scarlet world that we live in and we are singing of, and for this reason I chose to write this book. Not only songs from the album, such as "Hail to you!", "Hate is evanescent, Violence is forever," "Light be my guide" or "Fallin' to pieces" will make the action, but also the characters in the book – you will find them not only fantastic, but also very sympathetic. The lyrics and songs themselves are complemented by the events taking place or emotions transmitted and I highly recommend that you read them and to listen to those songs on the album. I guarantee you that you will achieve better knowledge of us as artists, a deeper understanding of our messages and you will travel to the amazing world full of magic and love, of trust and friendship, of good and evil, of darkness and light, the world that we adore, the spirit we live every day on the stage through our show and through the messages we want to convey, a world in which, last but not least, you can find yourself!

"Ignition" also includes original crayon sketches made by the author, visual milestones of a journey into a fantasy world of heroes who sacrifice for the ultimate good of mankind.

The cover was made by Iulian Agapie and graphics by Rafael Fau.

Get the album and book here:

31 October 2018

New "Hot'n'Heavy" tour dates are announced!

Scarlet Aura is going on a 26 shows headlining tour in China in November-December 2018 as second leg of “Hot’n’Heavy” Release Album Tour!

Here you have the official poster and dates!

Scarlet Aura is the first Female-Fronted Heavy Metal band from Bucharest, Romania that got in the attention of the worldwide promoters and public as the rising metal star of the East with seductive, unique stage performances, sparkling appearance and bold music.

The band just came back from the first leg of the “Hot’n’Heavy” Release Album Tour and already announced they`re first tour in China!

“ As I always say in concerts, music has no politics, no borders, no religion! Music is love! Getting our music to China is a dream come true and we are so grateful for all the results of our work! 2018th has been already an amazing year and all we can say in few words is that we can`t wait to play “Hot`n`Heavy” for you guys and to introduce you to Scarlet Aura and our Scarlet world!” said Aura Danciulescu, the vocalist of the band.

You can buy the new “Hot’n’Heavy” album and The Book Of Scarlet - Ignition - now on ➤ at shop or on streaming platforms here:


Get the album and book here:

17 October 2018

Scarlet Aura releses new video "Fallin' To Pieces"

Filmed during the first leg of the “Hot’n’Heavy Album Release Tour” “Fallin’ to Pieces” presents touching ballad on the edge of hard rock and metal. Starting with eerie sound the song develops into powerful song full of despair and somewhat anger. Aura Danciulescu’s voice together with outstanding guitar performance by Mihai Danciulescu won’t leave anyone indifferent.

“It's a heartbreaking song, with a heartbreaking video that comes as a reminder to always cherish what we have, every second, to be thankful for the love we receive, cause you never know what future can bring!”, explains Aura.

The video is available here:

Hot'n'Heavy artwork

14 September 2018

New "Hot'n'Heavy" tour dates are announced!

Scarlet Aura and the management are happy to announce 7 dates in Russia as part of the “Hot’n’Heavy” tour. Here are the dates so far:

  • 22.09 – Ruse (BG)
  • 28.09 – Kiev (UA)
  • 29.09 – Zhelty Vody (UA)
  • 30.09 – Zaporozhe (UA)
  • 01.10 – Krivoy Rig (UA)
  • 02.10 – Kharkov (UA)
  • 03.10 – Elec (RU)
  • 04.10 – Voronezh (RU)
  • 05.10 – Bryansk (RU)
  • 06.10 – Ivanovo (RU)
  • 07.10 – Kolomna (RU)
  • 08.10 – Obninsk (RU)
  • 09.10 – Moscow (RU)
  • 11.10 – Riga (LV)
  • 12.10 – Liepaja (LV)
  • 13.10 – Alytus (LT)
  • 25.10 – Suceava (RO)

You can buy the new “Hot’n’Heavy” album and The Book Of Scarlet - Ignition - now on ➤ at shop or on streaming platforms here:


Get the album and book here:

Hot'n'Heavy artwork

7 September 2018

"Hot'n'Heavy" is available NOW!

The day has come and we are so happy to share with you the most wanted Scarlet Aura Material so far - Hot'n'Heavy album! You can now find it at shop on our website and on streaming platforms here:


Scarlet Aura’s 4th highly-anticipated studio album “Hot’n’Heavy”, recording and production for which took place between January and May 2018, heavily draws from symphonic and power metal and stays within unique sound and vision of Scarlet Aura. With the new album, the band brings much more heavy sound, state-of-the-art production, and more dark and deeper lyrics about finding your true meaning and how to be yourself, how to dare to be different and have no fear as one never be alone through music, the right to fight for what you believe in and also for love, for friendship and music.

The release of the CD is also accompanied by the publication of “The book of Scarlet – Ignition” (the first book within a trilogy) written by Scarlet Aura’ singer-songwriter Aura Danciulescu. In the book you`ll find the lyrics of the songs combined with the amazing story of “Scarlet” that alongside the album will drive the audience intro the amazing world of Scarlet Aura.

Band explains: “Hot’n’Heavy became a statement and unfolds our spirits as they grew and developed in the last 4 years. Alongside “The book of Scarlet” we are revealing to you true instruments that will get you to travel deep in our minds and hearts and discover us as artists, dreamers, lovers, haters, as humans but also by heart... By revealing these instruments to you, in the end, you`ll get to find yourself! So, we dare you to let yourselves go from the known reality and embrace the wild callings of your fantasy, our fantasy and become one, becoming a Scarlet! Hail To You!”

Get the album and book here:

21 August 2018

Scarlet Aura releses new single "Hail To You!"

Scarlet Aura and Sliptrick Records are proud to announce the release of “Hail To You!” – the first single from the upcoming Scarlet Aura studio album “Hot’n’Heavy”. Combination of fast tempo, catchy guitar riffs and powerful lyrics together with powerful and touching vocals could set this song as the next metal anthem for the new metal generation.

The band comments: “Hot’n’Heavy became a statement and unfolds our spirits as they grew and developed in the last 4 years. The first single “Hail To You!” is about metaphorical war, what becomes of us, soldiers, during the war. As you know, war changes everyone – you can try to be different, but… you just can’t. So the ones that have to change are not soldiers that are fighting. But the people they're fighting for... At the end – we have to be all together, to stand united. Brothers and Sisters, hail to you!”

“Hail To You” is available today as a digital single for streaming and download and as a video:

Book of Scarlet cover

13 August 2018

"The book of Scarlet – Ignition” is available for pre-order!

Aura and band explains: In “The book of Scarlet” alongside with the upcoming album, we are revealing to you true instruments that will get you to travel deep in our minds and hearts and discover us as artists, dreamers, lovers, haters, as humans but also by heart… By revealing these instruments to you, in the end, you`ll get to find yourself! So, we dare you to let yourselves go from the known reality and embrace the wild callings of your fantasy, our fantasy and become one, becoming a Scarlet!

The book will be available as a paperback edition, signed by the author and additionally will contain "Scarlet Aura" sticker and discount for "Scarlet Aura" merchandise

By subscribing to our newsletters, you will have a unique chance to have a first glimpse inside the book!


7 March 2018

SCARLET AURA on North American tour this fall!

Halfway through their European Tour with Rhapsody Reunion, Romanian female fronted melodic rock/metal band SCARLET AURA is confirmed for a string of North American dates, with Brazilian band Angra! The American tour, comprising of over 30 shows throughout the US and Canada is set to take place in September – October 2018.

“We are ready to spread our wings and take our music and message over the pond”, says lead singer Aura D. “The world becomes a small place when you dream big”, adds Tatyana Shubina, manager and Outlanders Productions representative.

The confirmed dates are:

  • 07/Set/18 Orlando The Haven United States
  • 08/Set/18 Fort Lauderdale O´Malley´s United States
  • 09/Set/18 Tampa United States
  • 11/Set/18 Baltimore - Baltimore Soundstage United States
  • 12/Set/18 New York City United States
  • >13/Set/18 Worcester United States
  • 14/Set/18 Philadelphia United States
  • 15/Set/18 Quebec Salle Multi de Méduse Canada
  • 16/Set/18 Montreal Canada
  • 17/Set/18 Toronto Canada
  • 18/Set/18 Detroit United States
  • 20/Set/18 Illinois The Forge United States
  • 21/Set/18 Milwaukee United States
  • 22/Set/18 Minneapolis United States
  • 25/Set/18 Vancouver Rickshaw Theatre Canada
  • 26/Set/18 Seattle United States
  • 28/Set/18 Sacramento United States
  • 29/Set/18 Anaheim United States
  • 30/Set/18 San Diego Brick By Brick United States
  • 01/Oct/18 Los Angeles United States
  • 02/Oct/18 Phoenix United States
  • 03/Oct/18 Las Vegas United States
  • 05/Oct/18 Salt Lake City United States
  • 06/Oct/18 Denver Globe Hall United States
  • 07/Oct/18 Kansas City United States
  • 08/Oct/18 Dallas United States
  • 09/Oct/18 San Antonio United States
  • 10/Oct/18 Houston United States
  • v12/Oct/18 Louisville United States
  • 13/Oct/18 Fort Wayne United States
  • 14/Oct/18 Cleveland Cleveland Agora United States
SCARLET AURA publish daily video reports from the road on their You Tube channel: