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Full interview for the Rock Radio UK

Interview with Aura starts at 37:30

Full interview for the Orkus! magazine

1. Hot’n’Heavy is a memorably title. What came first, the idea for the album title or the song?

Mihai: The name came first! I wanted to describe Scarlet Aura as it is today: Hot and Heavy!


Full interview for the Legacy magazine

For your reviewer in Legacy #105 „Falling Sky” literally fell from the sky. Also metalarchives doesn’t reveal any details about demos you’ve released or earlier bands of the members. So what happened in 2014 when you formed SCARLET AURA: Did Steelborn just change the name and switch to English lyrics? Please tell us a bit about this first band of Mihai and Aura.

Mihai: I was playing in Steelborn for some years when we were in search of a new vocalist and then Aura made her appearance. We started playing together around 2009. We instantly became best friends and after a while and some crazy experiences we decided to quit our jobs and dedicate our lives to rock music. With Steelborn we played alternative rock but we wanted something more close to what we`re doing now, to heavy metal, so we left the band because our colleagues were not interested, and made our project together, under the first name “Aura”.


Full interview for the Entertaiment Internet Zine

EIZ: So, long time no see (or talk ;)! Let’s start with your “Hot ’n ‘Heavy” album. Could you please tell us more about the album conception?

First of all, thank you for having us! We work so hard on coming up with new materials for our eager fans that doing this interview with you comes as an absolute pleasure as you supported us from the beginning so “hats off”, you became a Scarlet.
About the album “Hot`n`Heavy” we can say so many things, but to shorten thing out, we are proud to present you through this material, the best Scarlet Aura version so far and definitely the conceptual and genuine of all. We tested so far many styles and we are proud to say that “Hot`n`Heavy” describes us best. The album is written and produced by our guitar player and producer – Mihai Danciulescu, who started his work at the beginning of 2018th and it was finished in late summer of 2018th. This album is the first from a trilogy that we named “The Book of Scarlet” and it comes as an invitation into Scarlet Aura world, explaining with every song who we are and what we stand for. The trilogy is accompanied by 3 fantasy volumes written by me – Aura Danciulescu. The lyrics are also written by me so it was easy for me to mix the lyrics into the stories, so I recommend you guys to listen to the album and also read each volume that comes within the trilogy and I promise, you`ll be experiencing an unique feeling of getting really under the skin of 4 crazy people and the team behind them, and understanding better than we can explain in few words, what we are doing musically on and for the metal stage.



SCARLET AURA is yet another band that you should check out.

Every band has to introduce their music to new people. What is it that you want people to get from listening to you guys?

-Every album is different and it comes with different state of mind in the composition. Hot`n`Heavy makes no exception. Combining our songs and messages that we play in our shows to answer briefly to your question, we want people to get from us, first of all, the feeling that they`re not alone, the feeling that we are all different and dark but that sometimes dark is good. We want them to understand that sufferance, need of revenge, pain, light, love or hate are feelings that we all feel but we should all use in the purpose of growing our spirit and mind, in the purpose of finding a better self. So what we want our public to get and see is that the good comes from our inner selves as long as we embrace and accept our downfalls.


Hello guys, How are you today, Greetings from Mexico City! The band has about 5 years of career, it is a young project so how has this been for you, so far?

It was definitely wild! We started in 2014 winning an international contest at Kavarna Rock Fest in Bulgaria, while celebrating our first album – The Rock Chick, we continued by joining Tarja Turunen in an European tour, releasing our second album – Falling Sky,...


When did you started singing? Was there a point in time when you decided that you wanted to be a singer?

I started singing when I was a kid. And I was singing so badly, terrifying actually for my parents that they decided to send me to vocal lessons. Now I know how to scream on the key 🙂 🙂 🙂

MG: As far as I know, you started in 2014, and even then the genre in which you play was overflowing. You were not afraid to get lost among colleagues? Or did you know from the very beginning that you possessed some peculiarity?

Aura: Well, only listeners can make this decision. I believe that it is not about to have a special feature, but our entire project, our music, attitude to performances and to the matter as a whole, our energy is something new. That's because, as I myself have noticed over all these years, we manage to keep this wild passion inside, this happiness that we experience, performing and writing our songs. This passion makes us unique on stage and makes us different from other bands.