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Full interview for the Entertaiment Internet Zine

1. So, long time no see (or talk ;)! Let’s start with your “Hot ’n ‘Heavy” album. Could you please tell us more about the album conception?

First of all, thank you for having us! We work so hard on coming up with new materials for our eager fans that doing this interview with you comes as an absolute pleasure as you supported us from the beginning so “hats off”, you became a Scarlet.
About the album “Hot`n`Heavy” we can say so many things, but to shorten thing out, we are proud to present you through this material, the best Scarlet Aura version so far and definitely the conceptual and genuine of all. We tested so far many styles and we are proud to say that “Hot`n`Heavy” describes us best. The album is written and produced by our guitar player and producer – Mihai Danciulescu, who started his work at the beginning of 2018th and it was finished in late summer of 2018th. This album is the first from a trilogy that we named “The Book of Scarlet” and it comes as an invitation into Scarlet Aura world, explaining with every song who we are and what we stand for. The trilogy is accompanied by 3 fantasy volumes written by me – Aura Danciulescu. The lyrics are also written by me so it was easy for me to mix the lyrics into the stories, so I recommend you guys to listen to the album and also read each volume that comes within the trilogy and I promise, you`ll be experiencing an unique feeling of getting really under the skin of 4 crazy people and the team behind them, and understanding better than we can explain in few words, what we are doing musically on and for the metal stage.

2. This album turned out to be more emotional and it seems to be much darker and heavier than Scarlet Aura’s previous works. How did it happen?

I think that each album came with a topic. The Rock Chick, our first album, in Romanian and released under our initial band name “Aura” was written as a statement and so were also the songs. The second album, “Falling Sky”, was more about inner journeys and letting yourself loose from any prejudice, from any boundaries and from there the songs like “Shamanic Eye”, “Fortune Teller”, “Colour Blind” and so on. The way we played these albums were more melodic and soft as the topic of the album required. Now, “Hot`n`Heavy” comes, as you said, more emotional, more heavy and dark, because after expressing the outside layers of our thoughts and goals, visions, now we went into a journey of our own selves, with good and bad, light or the lack of it, darkness or desire of hope. And the entire trilogy is a journey within us, touching the listeners weak points and values that maybe they never expressed or knew of their existence. Not being afraid or not refusing your darkness is a huge quality that, by accepting it, will only take you to the surface, where the light is. We can never enjoy the moon and stars without the darkness that surrounds us. We think that music is the best therapist and when is also with a book as an adjuvant explainer, it`s an experience that you must try and maybe you`ll have a surprise, like we had in time - that in search for answers, you`ll find yourself!

3. “Hot ’n ‘Heavy” was released last year and you’ve had a huge tour including even Russia and China! What do you remember about China? How was the audience?

“Hot`n`Heavy” should have been released last year but it was officially released in March 2019th. The initial release should have been in September with a tour in the US but the tour couldn`t happen because of some visa problems so we postponed it for this year, also to have time to create and release it through our own Record Label, the only one dedicated to Rock/Metal bands from Romania – Silver City Records. But we promoted the album in the tours you mentioned, such as Russian, Ukrainian and in China; but also into our neighboring countries, in Europe. With European countries we are familiar as we toured so much in the last few years but from the Russian and China one we had the biggest expectations. And we were right to have these expectations as both tours were amazing and we were so nicely surprised by the crowds that already knew our songs from “Falling Sky” album and we absolutely loved it! We were so well received that honestly, we can`t wait to go back! We loved Russian fans and compared to the Chinese ones, we felt with them like in our backyard. With China Tour the story is a bit different because we had an endless tour of 26 shows in a row, so it took a lot of effort from our side as we traveled so much, sometimes thousands of km in a night. But we embraced every experience and we got used with our Chinese fans wanting all the time pictures and autographs, we received a lot of gifts and turned back home with almost 0 merchandise. It was wild and we feel blessed to be the first international metal band to have toured so many dates in China and to give them with both hands and all our hearts, the European metal experience. And it was a good one, maybe one of the best they`ve seen.

4. And, of course, how did you like Russia? Was it your first time here? What do you remember about our country in particular?

We were visibly emotional about the border with our gear and everything but the border police were really nice and from that point we understood that nothing we knew about difficulties for metal bands in Russia, were true. Or maybe they were polite because we were Romanians :)))) nevertheless, we felt amazing. We were curious about everything in Russia: food, fans, hotels, roads, venues and what I can say is that they were not far from what we have in Romania and, as I said before, we felt more like home. We loved that you don`t have beggars, that is clean, that in Moscow we had WiFi everywhere, that on the Red Square we had the entire freedom to feel ourselves as tourists and we saw no policemen or guards, a rare thing in Europe nowadays. We played, we ate, we drank and we headbanged with Russians like it was the last day of our life, every show! Can`t wait to go back!

5. Can you remember any funniest moments from the current tour?

The second we start doing something together, something funny happens :)))) we are idiots :)))) Like once, in Russian tour, we were headliners in a festival and the playing schedule was late with 30 minutes. The promoter came to us and apologized and asked us personally to not be upset and as we said “all good”, he got 2 bottles of vodka out of his jacket. We started laughing and asked him if we would have been upset, would he have still giving us the vodka bottles and he said: I would have given you 4! :)))) That made us laugh for a while. In China tour, the most funniest thing happened when we had to travel by night train and we had to sleep in a shared wagon, full of people with no walls. We laughed the entire night at the restaurant wagon, drinking everything they had, just to avoid going to sleep. Funny things happen all the time and it`s good they do, because it`s part of the charm of being an artist on tour.

6. Scarlet Aura is extremely fruitful: before “Hot ’n ‘Heavy” you’d released another work, the full-time cover album “Memories”. How did you handle the process of creating those both albums? Was it in parallel, or one after another?

All the albums came one after another and actually now, as we speak, the future album is already done and in the next days we will start working for the third from the trilogy. We are 100% dedicated to Scarlet Aura so when we have more free time, we do the music ‘cause we know we`ll use it in the future and it will be easier for us as we`ll surely be on tours. “Memories” was Mihai`s idea. As you know, every crowd and fans appreciate a cover song from now and then in a show, so he said we should do “Memories”, a cover album but in Scarlet Aura style. We chose the songs we loved the most from artists we cherished and respect the most, also as an honorific tribute to those artists but also to keep the fire burning for future generations. The songs we loved became now part also of our history and we can`t be more honored.

7. Is “Memories” based on your own memories, you wanted to evoke the public’s memories, or something else?

Any song from this album can bring memories to any metalhead. One can say “on that song I danced at my wedding with my half”, another one can say “on that song I kissed for the first time”, another “this is the band that got me into metal”. Those are all memories and our own spirit is built by experiences that made us who we are today and what are experiences if not “memories”? and in our opinion, it is our duty as musicians to awaken dreams, hopes, loves, fears and memories in our fans’ hearts.

8. Moving back to “Hot ’n ‘Heavy” album, I was shocked listening to “Light be my Guide” and “Glimpse in the Mirror”. I’ve never heard those “flavors” of your voice. You even used some operatic vocals. Was it your intention to try something new, so you prepared for it, or it was music itself that led you to such vocals decisions?

Those are indeed conceptual songs, really deep and touching. No, I didn’t prepare at all, I think I was born prepared to speak out loud the genuine feelings I have, of course led by the instrumental parts. I`ve used before operatic vocals, there are many vocal techniques I master and I`m happy to make use of them any time the songs ask it from me.

9. As for your live performances, what is the most challenging song from your set list for you?

The challenge comes only in the rehearsal studios, before live shows, when we get accustomed with the songs, when we learn them, when I learn and get used with every breath. Then, in live shows, none of them is challenging for me, they come so naturally that the only effort I take some times is to stay on my high heels as I jump and headbang :))))).

10. Aura, Scarlet Aura has gone a long way to the international stage. First of all, as I know, you changed the position of heavy music in your own country, Romania, and the attitude to this kind of music. How did you manage to do this?

With perseverance, lots of it, with a lot of ambition and work, a lot of patience and always with not listening to others. At the beginning you are seen as a rookie but then another album comes, another single, then another album and then almost 5 years passed and Scarlet Aura is not only still there, but it proved itself as being the best heavy metal band from Eastern Europe and we are only at our beginnings. We do things in premier, like having the trilogy with 3 albums and 3 fantasy books, like China tour and almost an US tour. So, what you have to do is to stay strong and while you work like a lunatic, to trust yourself and trust that the audience will appreciate good music once you give it to them and from then on – up, up, up!

11. By the way, you also released your own book called “The Book of Scarlet”. My (a bit late, but still) congratulations! For those who hasn’t read it yet, what’s the story you tell in the book?

The trilogy that contains the 3 albums starting with “Hot`n`Heavy” and the first album named “Ignition” is called “The Book Of Scarlet”. The first volume has the songs lyrics in its story, from “Hot`n`Heavy”, the entire trilogy is a fantasy and it`s inspired by the band members, crew, our shows, our lives. In ignition, you will find out the meaning of “Scarlet Aura” and it has 3 funny characters that in the mission of bringing balance into the world, that became nothing we know now, find themselves in all sorts of adventures and in the end, in a supreme sacrifice to give birth to the one that will save the world and it`s called “Scarlet”. What Scarlet does and all the spicy stories you`ll only find out by reading the book, or guessing, by listening to the songs from “Hot`n`Heavy” album. The second volume and second album will come as a continuation of the first, where the 4 Scarlets will have main roles and the third one will be a package of the entire trilogy. I said too much maybe :)))

12. Was it your first experience of writing a book? How did you find time for writing, having so much to do and being on tour?

I write for so many years, even when I was a kid, I had a diary and wrote in it every day but I never thought on publishing my works as I learned that priority is a must in an artist life or you`ll end up starting 1000 things and ending none. But then this idea came to explain what Scarlet Aura is and to write this book “The Book of Scarlet”, just to give more of our vision to our fans. What I never wrote before was fantasy but it just came to me like I could have never imagined!

13. What does this book mean for you? What the feedback did you get?

Hmmm… this is a good question. I think the moment I had it in my hands, I felt proud about myself but then it became a joy as the feedback we got was absolutely amazing. Making people to read a real book made me again proud as most of them didn’t read one in a while ))))). And of course, now I feel that maybe people think I`m crazy, taking all that out of my head, on to paper :))))) but more important, to be able to cover Mihai`s work with literature, was the biggest joy for me.

14. And at the end of our talk, what can we expect from Scarlet Aura in the nearest future?

Expect the unexpected, expect the wild wave of Scarlets to come and fill your ears and hearts with great music and shows, expect the revival of heavy metal!

Thanks for the interview, Aura! Take care, and we’re waiting for Scarlet Aura in Russia again as soon as possible!

Aura Danciulescu, Mihai Danciulescu, Rene Nistor and Sorin Ristea also thank you, we will come back to you, be sure of that, until then, follow us on VK, youtube, spotify and other social media. All that we talked about can be found on www.scarletaura.net. Love you all! Go wild!