Aura Danciulescu – Vocals

Mihai Danciulescu – Lead guitars, back vocals

Rene Nistor – Bass guitar, back vocals

Sorin Ristea – Drums

Are you ready to let your world become Scarlet? If you love metal music, powerful and seductive husky female vocals, hot and heavy riffs, thunder bass and drums on steroids? ...then you definitely are!

Scarlet Aura, the eastern rising heavy metal star of the Eastern Europe is ready to welcome you into the family!

The Romanian band convinced worldwide promoters and fans with their bold music and messages, combination of classical heavy metal with the modern melodic sound and seductive, unique stage performances and sparkling appearance.

In September 2019 Scarlet Aura joined SOTO on tour promoting their latest album “Hot`n`Heavy” released in 2019th with unique shows in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

In August 2019, Scarlet Aura has released the first single “High In The Sky” from the upcoming album that is ought to be released in 2020th – the 2nd album from the trilogy “The Book of Scarlet” that is accompanied also by the 3 fantasy books. The single revealed the style, sound and the band’s direction for the upcoming album.

On 22nd of March 2019 the band released a new album via Silver City Records with the title: “Hot’n’Heavy”!

Scarlet Aura has been already promoting the album on a 26 shows headlining tour in China in November-December 2018 and in Europe in September 2018th as “Hot’n’Heavy Release Album Tour”.

“Hot’n’Heavy” is Scarlet Aura’s 4thhighly-anticipated studio album, recording and production for which took place between January and May 2018, and heavily draws from symphonic and power metal to heavy metal and stays within unique sound and vision of Scarlet Aura. With the new album, the band brings a heavy sound, state-of-the-art production, and more dark and deeper lyrics about finding your true meaning and how to be yourself, how to dare to be different and have no fear as one never be alone through music, the right to fight for what you believe in and also for love, for friendship and music.

The CD was released on 22nd of March 2019th and it’s also accompanied by the publication of “The book of Scarlet – Ignition” (the first book within a trilogy) written by Scarlet Aura’ singer-songwriter Aura Danciulescu. In the book you`ll find the lyrics of the songs combined with the amazing story of “Scarlet” that alongside the album will drive the audience intro the amazing world of Scarlet Aura.

Band explains: “Hot’n’Heavy became a statement and unfolds our spirits as they grew and developed in the last 4 years. Alongside “The book of Scarlet” we are revealing to you true instruments that will get you to travel deep in our minds and hearts and discover us as artists, dreamers, lovers, haters, as humans but also by heart… By revealing these instruments to you, in the end, you`ll get to find yourself! So, we dare you to let yourselves go from the known reality and embrace the wild callings of your fantasy, our fantasy and become one, becoming a Scarlet! Hail To You!”

The first single “Hail to You” was out on 21 of August as a digital single and as a video:
➤ Hail To You!

Combination of fast tempo, catchy guitar riffs and powerful lyrics together with powerful and touching vocals could set this song as the next metal anthem for the new metal generation.

In band’s own words, “Hail To You!” is about metaphorical war, what becomes of us, soldiers, during the war. As you know, war changes everyone – you can try to be different, but… you just can’t. So the ones that have to change are not soldiers that are fighting. But the people they're fighting for... At the end – we have to be all together, to stand united. Brothers and Sisters, hail to you!”

The second single – “Fallin’ To Pieces” was released on 17th October 2018 and the video is available here:
➤ Fallin’ To Pieces

Filmed during the first leg of the “Hot’n’Heavy Album Release Tour” “Fallin’ to Pieces” presents touching ballad on the edge of hard rock and metal. Starting with eerie sound the song develops into powerful song full of despair and somewhat anger. Aura Danciulescu’s voice together with outstanding guitar performance by Mihai Danciulescu won’t leave anyone indifferent.

“It's a heartbreaking song, with a heartbreaking video that comes as a reminder to always cherish what we have, every second, to be thankful for the love we receive, cause you never know what future can bring!”, explains Aura.

All the band`s efforts to reach to the top on metal stage in the last five years have not been in vain as a new invitation came, this time as a special guest on North American Tour of 31 shows, from the Brazilian band Angra. Unfortunately, administrative reasons on the visa matter stopped the band on presenting the new album to the public that was waiting for the first Romanian female fronted heavy metal band and their performance.

Scarlet Aura received financial and media support from Wacken Foundation and named as “Band of the Day” on 8thof August 2018! This encouraged band members to move on with higher energy and efforts because they are being observed by the best in the business and their efforts are all worth it.

In Spring 2018 Scarlet Aura toured as an opening act for Rhapsody Reunion’s 20th Anniversary Farewell Tour in Europe with 24 dates across 13 countries.

In 2017 the band had their first headlining, “The Beast Within Me” tour in Central East and West Europe and released a tribute album “Memories”, presenting and re-interpreting 11 classical Rock and Metal songs in their own unique style.

Joining Tarja Turunen on her “The Shadow Shows Tour” in October 2016 with shows in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and releasing their second album “Falling Sky” at the same time made the band even more popular and recognized.

The band started its journey in 2014 inspired by the best rock music and musicians as Dio, Helloween or Iron Maiden and it impressed with their Melodic Rock side but also because of the Heavy Metal accents.

Releasing their debut album “The Rock Chick” (under the name AURA) on Universal Music and winning “The Black Sea Battle of the Bands” at the Kavarna Rock Fest in 2014 in Bulgaria made the band one of most exciting new acts from Romania.

Scarlet Aura had in 2018th over 80 concerts all over Europe and China, recorded “Hot’n’Heavy” and filmed five videos, released their first Full HD live DVD and published the first volume from the fantasy Trilogy “The book of Scarlet – Ignition”.

The band`s activity in the last five years brings all the attention on the first and the best female fronted Romanian Heavy Metal band that reached this level, fighting to spread their message through their music and unique show to the world. Go wild, Go Scarlet!