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IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign

IndieGoGo campaign

Aura Danciulescu about campaign

Scarlet Aura is setup to start their own Record Label and officially release the newest album - Hot`n`Heavy!

To help finance the album and the record label "Silver City Records" Female Fronted Heavy Metal band Scarlet Aura has launched a crowdfunding campaign, where you can pre-order the upcoming products and other perks on the link bellow.

Here you have the band`s statement: "All we do, we do for the public! Our music, the stories, the books, the videos, our social media exposure. And because of that we also want to make sure that the public has the best musical experience and that’s why we decided to make our own record label. We will directly make sure that the albums are distributed in their countries, in their towns, or digitally in a correct and responsible way. For that we have decided to utilize an innovative technology – a blockchain platform – that will ensure secure, fast and transparent distribution of music and also artists revenues. We love the music and we are 100% dedicated to our heavy metal life and we had to understand that if we love the music, we have to accept the industry and now by doing this step we’re not only accepting it, we’re being part of it, we’re making it. What we want to accomplish by that is the perfect understanding of the music business so we can do it properly and legit. And as we’ll gather this experience, we’ll support young bands in releasing albums, properly invest in a production, PR or marketing campaign and distribution and give the best services we all like to receive to touch our goals, having always the public in the first place. To do all that, we need your support! Join us and let`s write history together!"

Learn the story and meaning of Scarlet Aura and help us meet our goal.


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